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Hyper-zoned water: what it is and how to make it at home

09 December 2019
Category: Ozone

Hyper-zoned water is a type of extremely pure water, free of microorganisms and very rich in oxygen. Used as a natural remedy, it stands out for the numerous beneficial properties it has on the skin, intestines and the body in general. Let's see together what are the advantages of drinking hyper-zoned water and how to easily produce it at home.


Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms and is used in various fields, from food storage to medicine, to aesthetic treatments. Thanks to the fact that it is an excellent disinfectant, ozone has countless applications that see it increasingly used in the home, for example, for the purification of air from microorganisms and the sanitization of tap water. Also at home, ozone treats normal tap water, making it become hyper-zoned waterozonated, a pure drink, without bacteria and microorganisms with a high concentration of oxygen, which represents an excellent natural adjuvant for your well-being.

The benefits of ozonated water

Why drink ozonated water? This special water has numerous benefits for our body. Let's see them together. As mentioned, the hyper-zoned or ozonated water is free of bacteria, spores, parasites, unwanted microorganisms and chemicals. In short, it is an absolutely pure and safe water, capable of constituting an important ally of our health and well-being. But its real peculiarity is to be very rich in oxygen molecules that once introduced into our body perform a beneficial action, oxygenating the tissues and consequently improving the general state of health of our body.
Hyper-zoned water is particularly effective thanks to the fact that, through its intake, cells can enjoy a greater supply of oxygen. In fact, all the cells in our body constantly need oxygen to perform their functions. Through a greater supply of oxygen, it is possible to improve and rebalance the functions of all the districts of the body and to purify the body more, freeing it from unwanted toxins and promoting the drainage of excess liquids.
It has been shown that drinking hyper-zoned water on a regular basis is effective against the elimination of bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori, which is generally found in the gastric mucus present in the stomach and which is the main cause of gastritis. Taking a few glasses a day of hyper-zoned water also helps to regulate the intestinal tract and its functioning, counteracting excess gas, bloating and effectively reducing colon ailments.
Ozonated water is also distinguished by virtue of its useful properties for the skin. Drinking water treated with ozone, in fact, helps to make the skin more pure and luminous, helping to treat even annoying problems such as acne, herpes and dermatitis. The uses and benefits of hyper-zoned water do not stop there. In fact, through periodic washing of the oral cavity you can effectively fight halitosis and soothe dental problems. Ozone, in fact, is usually used also in the field of oral hygiene, since it manages to neutralize the presence of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria, as well as significantly speeding up the healing processes that follow a surgical intervention. In other words, drinking hyper-zoned water rebalances the intestine, improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates the microcirculation and gives the body well-being and vigor, just to name a few examples.

How to produce hyperzoned water directly at home: choose Ozobox

You are probably thinking that it is not so easy to make ozonated water. Instead, this water rich in virtues can be produced directly in your home. Let's see how. As we have seen, drinking ozonated water has innumerable positive properties and advantages to keep our body healthy or improve its state of well-being. But how do you make ozonated water at home? Nothing could be simpler: using a home ozonator a small portable appliance, which treats tap water and turns it into hyper-zoned water in minutes. For example, by setting our Ozobox ozonator on program number 1 "hyper-zoned water", it will be possible to treat a glass of mains water in just 1.5 minutes. An important peculiarity that must always be taken into consideration is that the hyper-zoned water must be consumed within a few minutes in order to be able to benefit from the advantages that the greater presence of oxygen entails. Therefore, once the ozonated water has been produced, drink it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the greater the amount of ozone that the water will lose. Do not forget also that the colder the water, the more ozone it can absorb and the longer it can keep the molecule and its properties unaltered. For an optimal result, it is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses a day preferably on an empty stomach.

In addition to producing hyper-zoned water, Ozobox can be used for many other uses, for example, to purify tap water and to purify home air from microorganisms and pollen, if set on other programs. Ozobox, in fact, effectively eliminates all microorganisms present in the water and in the air such as bacteria, germs, spores, yeasts, molds, fungi, as well as neutralizing allergens such as pollens, mites and allergens that proliferate in the fur of animals. Air purification will be perfected thanks to the elimination of bad odors of any nature, organic and inorganic, such as smoke, food, biological liquids, mold, solvents, chemicals and so on. Another advantage of this appliance is that, in addition to being multipurpose and multifunctional, it is 100% ecological, this is because, to perform its functions, it activates a mix of ecological technologies such as UV rays, negative ions and ozone, all technologies that, to function properly, they do not need any filter, cartridge, refill or detergent that pollute the environment.

Conclusion: live a life rich in well-being thanks to the consumption of hyper-zoned water

As we have seen, the hyper-zoned water manages to bring numerous benefits to our body and helps to live a more serene and full of well-being life. Furthermore, obtaining this type of water is extremely simple and inexpensive, since it is enough to use tap water and a small appliance that does not need filters, cartridges, maintenance and installation to operate.

Find out how to produce hyper-zoned water with Ozobox.