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Mineral water: how to say goodbye to plastic bottles

October 14, 2019
Category: Ecology

There are many people who decide to pursue a plastic free lifestyle, but the crucial issue, where everyone or almost everyone finds it difficult, is where to start. How can you reduce your plastic consumption and thus contribute to the protection of the planet? In this article we start from one of the most discussed and current topics, what more than any other is a symbol of the fight against plastic: the reduction of the consumption of mineral water bottles.

With its 13.5 billion liters, equal to 224 liters per capita per year, Italy is the first country in the world for the consumption of bottled mineral water. Even if you remove the glass ones, you still reach 11 billion pieces, an approximate figure by default, since it does not take into account the plastic bottles used to contain sugary drinks, beer, milk and so on. This is probably because in many places in our country tap water has a bad taste, is rich in limestone and chlorine, or because, even in the presence of pleasant water, one has the perception that tap water is not safe or does not have the same organoleptic properties as bottled water.

The need to reduce plastic consumption

On average, the disposal of a plastic bottle takes more than 500 years. As is known, plastic pollutes the earth, constitutes 80% of marine litter, is the cause of suffocation of fish species at sea and over time turns into microplastics which, through aquifers and crops, enter the human food chain and they threaten our health, compromising the healthiness of the food we eat. In some ways, on our tables there is a triumph of plastic, more or less visible: from the bottle of mineral water to the food inside our dishes. Although at first glance it seems difficult to get rid of plastic or at least reduce its consumption, everyone can make their own contribution to saving the planet starting right from reducing the consumption of bottles of water. Here are some tips to be able to eliminate the plastic bottles from your life and the advantages that this new habit will bring.


5 tips to reduce the consumption of bottles of water

#1Drink tap water

It seems trivial, but for those used to drinking bottled water, tap water can be bad or with unpleasant smells. According to the Water Research Institute, however, tap water in Italy is one of the best in all of Europe. So why keep spending on something that you can get for free? By replacing the consumption of bottled water with that of tap water, the first big step towards reducing the per capita consumption of plastic has already been made. At most, it will be necessary to ensure that home water is microbiologically safe, i.e. it does not contain bacteria, mold, pesticide residues or other pollutants and has a pleasant taste.

#2Reuse the bottles already present in the house

Usually, once the water is consumed, empty bottles are thrown in the trash. In some cities it is possible to do the separate collection and therefore the plastic can be sent for recycling, but in many others it ends up in the undifferentiated. If we think that plastic constitutes more than 80% of the garbage that every Italian throws away and that the CO2 emissions to dispose of it have reached high levels so as to induce the European Union to intervene on the subject, one of the first tips that can be implemented easily in all families is to reuse the bottles already present in the house, filling them with tap water.

#3 Prefer glass bottles

Glass is a hygienic material and much more environmentally friendly than plastic. There are still many companies that produce mineral water in glass and for all those who just can't do without bottled water, this should be the preferable alternative. This solution could also be an excellent transition method to tap water, to start gradually eliminating plastic from our lives.

#4 Purchase eco-friendly reusable bottles

Just to encourage the elimination of water bottles, on the market there are now almost everywhere reusable eco-friendly bottles of every material, from glass to bamboo, with a modern design and versatile use (there are also thermals , with the infuser or the juicer incorporated) that can be carried in the bag, used in the gym or while doing outdoor sports, brought with you to school or work. These bottles generally have a low cost and the versions available are truly infinite. Suitable for all tastes and needs, you only have to choose the one that best suits your personality.

#5 Sanitize tap water

Many people have doubts about the healthiness of tap water and cannot replace it with mineral water, fearing it contains microorganisms and pollutants. To solve this problem, fortunately there is a solution. TheOzobox sanitiser purifies tap water and makes it safer and better to drink, because it removes bacteria, germs, viruses, molds, yeasts, chlorine, chlorine derivatives, pesticides and residues of chemical fertilizers. This small appliance will be good for you, your wallet and the environment. In fact, use one eco-friendly technology based on three natural elements - ozone, negative ions and UV rays - capable of sanitizing and disinfecting water. Just fill a carafe with tap water, insert the probe and start the sanitization program to have a better water to drink in just 3 minutes. To sanitize home water, it does not need filters, cartridges and refills, which means that you can reduce the use of plastic bottles, but more generally reduce the production of unsorted waste. At the same time, you can save on the purchase of both mineral water and filters to be replaced, which most of the products on the market require. The environmental (and economic) impact of this choice will be extremely positive: each of us can do something to help reduce the use of plastic and we can do it while saving ... it's even better!

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