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How to purify tap water: methods compared

February 29, 2020
Category: Water

It is often natural to wonder about the goodness of the domestic water we drink. Just think of the worrying news that is periodically read in the local media concerning the pollution of aquifers, the justifiable doubt about the state of the water pipes in your buildings or the taste of chlorine that tap water can have.

How to make house water purer? There are several methods of purification of domestic water on the market. To get a brief overview, it can be said that the most used to date are the various purifiers that use filters - activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters, magnetic filters, etc ... - or alternative methods based on a technology natural and without spare parts, such as, for example, purification with UV lamps and, among the most innovative, sanitization of water with ozone.

"O" like osmosis and ozone

Among the methods of water purification on the market just mentioned we focus here on the two main ones: the purifier with reverse osmosis filters and the ozone water sanitizer. Both have a common goal: to purify tap water from pathogenic microorganisms, chemical agents and pollutants. However, their functioning is very different, almost the opposite of the other. What are the main differences between these two purification methods? We see below the peculiarities, advantages and benefits of each.

Purification with reverse osmosis

Water purifiers equipped with reverse osmosis filters are currently among the most available on the market. These are special filters which, thanks to a semipermeable membrane, allow high pressure water filtering. This flow, combined with the filtering action of the appropriate osmotic membrane, generates two separate water solutions: a more concentrated solution, where most of the deposits and salts present in the water are collected and, vice versa, a solution devoid of these substances. In other words, pure water is divided from waste water and what is returned is an "extract" of filtered water. The osmotic membrane in fact acts as a barrier to bacteria, polluting molecules and pesticides.
Unlike active carbon filtering systems, reverse osmosis-based purifiers filter in a more refined way, because they retain a greater number of substances, even if not all of them.

Nonetheless, it is important to point out that the return of such highly "filtered" water is not always an optimal solution: the water treated with the reverse osmosis system tends to be all too free, not only of bacteria, but also of mineral salts, precious elements for the well-being of the human body.
At this point there is a question: is there a purifier capable of eliminating only bacteria, viruses and harmful substances and at the same time maintaining the beneficial properties of water?

The solution: sanitize the water with ozone

Ozobox sanificatore

La risposta è sì, ed è la depurazione d'acqua a ozono. Si tratta di un metodo innovativo che sfrutta un procedimento completamente ecologico. In primo luogo, un sanificatore d'acqua a ozono non usa filtri: come è facile immaginare utilizza, invece, questa molecola naturale che possiede un'elevata efficacia biocida. Inoltre, uccide il 99,99% dei batteri presenti nell'acqua e annienta i virus e i microrganismi di qualsiasi dimensione, anche i più piccoli.
Grazie a tali proprietà disinfettanti e antibatteriche l'ozono è già da molto tempo utilizzato in diversi ambiti, quali l’alimentare, la medicina, la veterinaria, per il trattamento delle acque, così come in diversi settori industriali e nelle piscine pubbliche, dove sempre di più vengono sostituiti i tradizionali impianti a cloro con i più attuali e efficaci impianti a ozono per la sanificazione dell'acqua.

It goes without saying that ozone can also prove to be very valuable for the treatment of water in the home, even representing a real qualitative leap in the sanitation of domestic water. How does it work?
The ozone introduced into the water triggers an important selective action: on the one hand it removes all harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, but also chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chlorine and everything harmful can be transferred to the water during his journey from the aqueduct to the tap. At the same time, it preserves and keeps intact the organoleptic characteristics and mineral salts present in the water, without altering or depriving it of its precious beneficial properties. Once treated, ozonated water is microbiologically pure, healthy, light and good to drink: in short, purified water contains only the healthiest substances for the body.

The Ozobox ozonatoris the domestic water (and air) sanitizer-sanitizer with which you can achieve all this. A latest generation appliance, totally green, which does not use filters and refills, portable and very easy to use. Ozobox is equipped with an immersion probe to be inserted in a carafe of water, through which sanitize tap water in a few minutes. It is good to know that Ozobox is a patented product and accompanied by the main sector certifications to guarantee its effectiveness: Ozobox has the CE conformity mark and has been tested in the laboratory by the Chemical Analysis Center of Padua, proving effective in microbial reductions up to 99.99%.

Comparisons for the consumer

So which purifier to choose for your domestic water? To raise any doubts, it is useful to know that in the face of a technology that makes extensive use of filters such as that used in reverse osmosis devices - with consequent costs for their purchase and production of non-recyclable waste - an ozone water purifier like Ozobox it does not include the expense of filters and is 100% eco-friendly. Furthermore, to avoid any misunderstanding, it is completely harmless since at the end of the sanitization process the ozone naturally reconverts into oxygen, without generating residues, but leaving everything sanitized.
It would almost be said that this is a real turning point within the home: stop the polluted water, just cumbersome purifiers and constant changes of cartridges, goodbye plastic bottles! From today the innovation in water purification is called Ozobox and allows you to save money, not pollute and above all to drink only chemically pure and microbiologically healthy water.

Find how sanitize tap water with Ozobox