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How to purify the home air: green remedies

January 31, 2020
Category: Home care

Especially during the winter months, we spend much more time indoors than outdoors. Making sure you live in an environment with pure and sanitized air is essential to enjoying good health. In this article, we have collected some of the most effective remedies to purify the home air in an ecological way.


The increasing levels of outdoor air pollution, stimulated by many factors such as traffic, fossil fuels and industrial exhaust gases are worrying enough to make us want to stay at home as much as possible. However, even the internal air of our homes is not exactly as clean or healthy as we would like to believe. Indoor air, in fact, can also be more polluted than outdoor air. Since we spend much more time indoors rather than outdoors, it is important to make sure that the air we breathe in our homes is clean and sanitized, especially during the winter months when we tend to keep doors and windows closed so as not to disperse the heat.

Since germs and bacteria do not have any odor, they normally tend to underestimate their presence, but having the air of the house not purified and therefore full of microorganisms is a fact not to be overlooked. Breathing healthy air at home is in fact important to feel comfortable within the home, to maintain our state of health and to improve the quality of sleep.

Our home is the place par excellence where you can relax and feel good. It is therefore essential to be guaranteed to breathe healthy air it is clean. In this regard, there are some ecological remedies to purify the home air from microorganisms and pollutants. Let's see the main ones.

Purifying the home air: ecological remedies

1. Open windows frequently

It may seem obvious, but the first trick to hinder the proliferation of microorganisms is to often open the windows and ventilate. A house that does not enjoy good air circulation is the ideal environment for the development of microorganisms, molds and other unwanted agents and the reason why allergies can develop. Opening the windows allows a change of air and oxygenates the rooms in a natural way.

2. Get indoor plants 

Some plants have the ability to remove volatile organic substances from the air and are therefore particularly useful for purifying home air. Some of the most effective are aloe vera, ficus, bamboo, spoonbill, ivy and photos. It is good to remember that domestic pollution, in addition to being caused by the presence of people and animals, is due to many other factors, from cigarette smoke to stove gas, and to many products that we use daily such as deodorants, detergents and candles that release toxic chemicals into the air.

3. Limit the use of polluting products

As mentioned, many of the products we use regularly can represent an agent that worsens the quality of the air in our home. To the aforementioned air fresheners and scented candles, there are the combustion fumes (wood, gas, coal, kerosene), the materials used for the construction and the furnishings that release harmful substances over time and those for cleaning.

4. Clean the vacuum cleaner regularly

Often microorganisms and other pollutants settle on the floor and, as we pass through, they tend to rise and worsen the quality of the air. Vacuuming at least once every two days and dusting furniture and furnishings can help limit the problem.

5. Purify the air with a domestic air purifier

To make the home air purer and healthier these simple measures may not be enough. In order to be sure of obtaining optimal results, it is better to obtain the appropriate equipment.
To purify the home air from microorganisms and pollutants to our rescue, an air purifier can come. Most of the air purifiers on the market use a filtering system, generally consisting of one or more HEPA or activated carbon filters, which collect air impurities. If it is true that the air thus treated is lighter, the disadvantages of this system are different.
On the one hand, HEPA and activated carbon filters must be replaced periodically, a circumstance that entails a continuous cost over time and additional to that incurred for the purchase of the purifier. On the other hand, this system does not kill bacteria but simply traps and accumulates them inside the filters. In fact, it simply moves them from one place to another inside the house. The real limit of this type of air purifiers, however, is that the microorganisms and pollutants captured are only those present in suspension in the air: no effective action is developed on those present on surfaces, furniture, floors, the carpets, curtains, sofas and dozens, if not hundreds, of objects that we keep at home and that are often a receptacle for bacteria. Think, for example, of the doghouse.

Ozobox: the air purifier that sanitizes and disinfects every corner of the house 

Unlike most purifiers on the market, Ozobox is a multifunctional ozonator that does not need any filter, cartridge, refill or detergent to operate, which makes it a 100% ecological appliance. Its technology is based not on HEPA filters and the like, but on three completely natural molecules - ozone, negative ions and UV rays - which are brought into concentration in the room and act directly on the cell membrane and on the internal parts of bacteria and viruses, which are dissolved by oxidation. In fact, the microorganisms present in the air are killed (bacteria and allergens such as flower pollen, mites and molds) or inactivated (viruses) once they come into contact with ozone, making the environments healthier and more hypoallergenic. In addition to allowing real savings over time on the purchase of filters and on the disposal of dry waste, this system simultaneously sanitizes the air and everything in the room - objects, carpets, furnishings, surfaces - i.e. the places where most of the bacteria and microorganisms nest.
Depending on the selected program, it is possible to choose whether to purify the air, sanitize the air or simply deodorize the air. Ozobox, in fact, uses the disinfectant power of ozone to eliminate even bad odors and regenerate the home air.
The Ozobox home ozonator is the ideal choice if you are looking for a multifunction device that is simple to use, portable, ecological and capable of bringing well-being into the home. Breathing fresh air free of microorganisms and allergens is in fact the key to living a healthier and more comfortable daily life at home, improving the quality of sleep and your days.

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