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Better to purify or sanitize? Let's find out what the differences are

March 13, 2020
Category: Air

For the well-being of the human body, the breathed air must be as clean and free of pollutants and pathogens as possible. But how can we keep the many circulating viruses and bacteria out of the home air, especially in this period?

The various air purifiers and sanitizers on the market come to our aid. But to choose the right one, it is important first of all to understand the difference between one and the other and to clarify a fundamental point: is it better to purify or sanitize the air? Not everyone knows that the two terms are not synonymous and that they do not refer to the same device. If it is true that both have in common the goal of making the indoor air purer, it is also true that they achieve it in two completely different ways and what is more important, that the level of purification obtained is different. Let's go in order.

Purify vs sanitize: terms compared

The vocabulary of the Italian language helps us to distinguish the two terms. On the one hand, "purifying" means making a substance purer, that is, removing from it what it contains unclean.

On the other hand, "sanitizing" has a similar but at the same time different meaning. This term means "to make a room healthy, restore it, treat it with bactericidal substances to reduce the number of bacteria" and adapt it to hygiene standards.

The difference is immediately noticeable: purifying the air relieves it of dirt and unwanted substances, but it is only by sanitizing it that viruses and bacteria are killed: the sanitization of the air in an environment, in fact, is a sanitizing and disinfectant intervention, aimed at eradicating any pathogen. Let us now turn to the examples.

Purify the air with filters: the limits

Let's take a look at the classic air purifier with filter operation. There are several with various types of filters: activated carbon filters or HEPA filters are the most common. These types of air purifiers perform their action by capturing the pathogens present in the air and accumulating them in the filter, which retains them until it is changed.

Do filter purifiers remove bacteria from the air we breathe? The answer is yes, however these bacteria are removed from the air to be moved to another place in the house. Harnessed in the filter, they remain there until the filter itself is removed. It is clear that this maintenance must be carried out frequently, with the inevitable periodic expense to purchase the spare part and its disposal among non-recyclable waste.

Sanitize the air with ozone

Ozone air sanitizers exploit a different technology and the bactericidal and disinfectant properties of ozone. In this case, the action goes beyond simply capturing microorganisms, but kills them. By exploiting the biocidal power of ozone, bacteria, viruses, molds and all pathogenic microorganisms are killed instantly, effectively disappearing from the air, which is not only purified but totally sanitized. The biocidal action of ozone is particularly intense: it kills 99.99% of airborne microorganisms. Furthermore, ozone, brought into concentration in the room, destroys germs from the air and from any other surface and object. The result is therefore twofold: in a single treatment, the home air and everything inside it is sanitized.

Sanitize your home with Ozobox!

Unlike filter purifiers,Ozobox ozonator thoroughly sanitizes the entire home environment. As we have seen, being based on ozone technology, it does not require filters or refills to operate, nor therefore of maintenance. Simple to use, compact and portable, it is suitable for sanitizing any domestic environment. Its action is based on three super biocides, the most powerful in nature - ozone, negative ions and UV rays - which, combined together, kill viruses, bacteria, allergens, mites, molds, pathogens and all that dangerous can lurk in the indoor air. What you get is a completely healthy, hypoallergenic, pure home air. Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Not only that: as long as it sanitizes the air, with its powerful biocidal particles it also sanitizes surfaces, carpets, furnishings, objects and any other place where the feared microorganisms can nest. The highly disinfectant power of ozone purifies, sanitizes and deodorizes, ensuring excellent and natural regeneration of the home air.

To conclude, when you are looking for a system to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria in the home and improve the quality of domestic air, it is good to carefully evaluate the different appliances and what is the result you want to achieve: we are satisfied with just purify or do we want to sanitize? With Ozobox you can solve any microorganism problem with a single device, because you will have an air sanitizer capable of also sanitizing the water.

The Ozobox ozonator allows each family to breathe healthy and safe air day and night, always: a difference that feels "full-blown" and that can improve the quality of life and everyone's health.

Find out more about sanitizing the home air with Ozobox