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Home ozonator: what it is and what it is used for

December 24, 2019
Category: Ozone

A device such as the home ozonator sanitizes the air and water in your home, thus increasing the level of hygiene and well-being in the home and living a healthier life. It is an appliance still not widespread in Italian homes, but there are many its benefits. Let's see in detail what it is and how it works.

What is and how a home ozonator works

Domestic ozonators are used to produce ozone, a natural gas that is formed from oxygen, and are used to purify tap water and the air of closed environments such as homes and offices. Domestic ozonizers are appreciated because they only use the deodorant and disinfectant properties of ozone to kill and remove unwanted microorganisms and particles present in the air and water, without needing to use chemical detergents, expensive refills or filters to be replaced periodically , as instead happens with purifiers and purifiers that use Hepa filters or other filtering systems. Obviously, the main element on which their action is based is ozone, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms that is located in the layer of the Earth's atmosphere called the ozone layer. There are also devices on the market that use multiple elements together and work in synergy with each other, to enhance their effectiveness and broaden their spectrum of use. Ozone (and possibly other elements) are produced by ozonizers to neutralize the effects of organic compounds, odors and microorganisms that proliferate in our homes. By coming into contact with the gas, these particles are eliminated in such a way that they are no longer dangerous or annoying. Ozone in fact has interesting sanitizing and deodorant properties, capable of neutralizing bacteria and mold and the presence of unpleasant odors. It is precisely for these reasons that ozone has been used for years in various fields: nutrition, health, dentistry, hygiene and many more. How do home ozonators generate ozone? Domestic ozonators are able to generate ozone by breaking the oxygen molecules and thus creating individual oxygen atoms, which will then join O2 (oxygen) to form O3 (ozone). This is why it is said that ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen. Without losing too much in technical details, let's focus on what these devices actually do. Let's see it in detail.

What are the advantages of having a home ozonator?

Why sanitize the water we drink and the air we breathe? Let's analyze the advantages and find out why we should all have one of these appliances in the house. As mentioned, a domestic ozonator is able to remove fungi, bacteria, viruses, germs, bad smells and much more from the air we breathe in the house. By acting on the air that circulates between home walls, it also breaks down microorganisms and particles that deposit on surfaces and objects.
With a domestic ozonator it is also possible to produce ozonated water, a pure water sanitized by bacteria that has numerous advantages that can be simply drunk or used to improve the well-being of our body.
In fact, ozonated water can be used in two ways:

  • if left to rest following sanitization / ozonation, it can be drunk during the course of the day, with the guarantee of having absolutely pure water, free from bacteria and microorganisms, starting from the water
  • if drunk, however, immediately after the ozonation process, having a greater quantity of oxygen will bring beneficial and toning effects for the whole body.

Drinking this pure water, in fact, will help to regulate the intestinal tract, reducing unpleasant effects such as excess gas and swelling. In addition, ozonated water has positive properties to make the skin brighter, then stimulating the metabolism and helping the body to get rid of unwanted toxins. Ozonated water is therefore the ideal solution to purify your body inside and outside, rebalancing its functions and increasing the level of general well-being. Thanks to a domestic ozonator it is possible to produce ozonated water directly at home and enjoy its many beneficial properties.

Why choose the Ozobox ozonator for your home

Portable, certified, effective and multifunction: we discover all the advantages of & rsquo Ozobox home ozonator.

Compared to the classic domestic ozonizers found on the market, Ozobox has some fundamental advantages and strengths that must be underlined. First of all, Ozobox is multifunction: that is, it can ozonate both water and air depending on the program that is selected. Ozobox, in fact, is equipped with 20 different programs to activate as many specific treatments to sanitize the home air and tap water with which, for example, wash fruit and vegetables, cook, disinfect floors and surfaces. , disinfect the skin, wash pets; therefore, with a single appliance, numerous functions can be used to make one's daily life healthier, healthier and safer. Ozobox is 100% ecological because it uses the synergistic work of three completely natural technologies: ozone, UV rays and negative ions. The special purification, sanitization and deodorization system combines these three elements to activate a triple sanitizing action that eliminates pollutants, micro particles and unpleasant odors. In addition, it is possible to do it at no cost, since to ozonate the water and the air of the home it does not need detergents, refills or filters to be purchased periodically, a saving in spending for the family which also translates into a greater commitment to protect the environment since no polluting residues and non-recyclable waste are produced. . And it does not end here :) Ozobox is also patented and its effectiveness has been rigorously and carefully tested through laboratory tests carried out on both its air and water. Another advantage of Ozobox lies in the fact that it is a compact and portable appliance, which does not require any type of installation or masonry work: it can in fact be placed in various parts of the house, without having to install it under the sink or on the walls . In conclusion, by obtaining a home ozonator such as Ozobox, it is possible to obtain a simple to use, portable, multifunctional appliance with many advantages for home care and the protection of one's health. The home ozonator therefore represents the key to making one's daily life healthier, and to live a life in the name of hygiene and safety, exploiting the natural potential of the ozone molecule.