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When home sanitization is done with ozone

March 31, 2020
Category: Home care

We know how important daily house cleaning is for our well-being and health, but we are not always aware of the most innovative methods of sanitizing it. Furthermore, often, there is a tendency to always pass on the same areas when instead particles, pollutants, viruses and bacteria nest in areas that we do not even consider. In this article, we will tell you how to achieve a complete sanitization of your home, in an easy, timely and ecological way.

Bacteria and viruses in the home: where do they come from?

Never as in this period do you feel the need to live in a healthy environment, protected and sanitized by the possible presence of viruses and bacteria dangerous for health. In particular, viruses and bacteria that come from the outside often enter the house, where they also remain for a long time. The entry channels of pathogens into the house can be varied: first of all the air, but also the soles of the shoes and as we also know the presence of the people themselves. In other words, everywhere you can come across many microorganisms, which we inevitably transport into the house and which are transferred from there to the most diverse surfaces and people through contact between them and infected objects and surfaces.
If washing hands is the first golden rule to avoid the spread of pathogens, it is equally important to disinfect the home: in fact, these microbes can remain active in our surfaces even for hours or days. How to sanitize effectively and quickly?

Sanitize surfaces and objects with ozone

We think of the disadvantages of having to devote daily to a traditional disinfection: the classic cloth soaked in disinfectant solution. In the first place, time, which we subtract from other activities less boring; the effort of having to devote yourself to household chores; use & ndash; and the purchase & ndash; aggressive chemicals, not only for microbes but also for the human organism, which if inhaled in the long run can cause disturbances; partial effectiveness: however scrupulous,are we really sure to review every possible corner of the potentially infected house?

To our aid comes the new, ingenious revolution of Ozobox, the first home ozonator that sanitizes the housefrom pathogens, polluting particles and allergens with an exclusive mix of ecological technologies: UV rays, negative ions and ozone, a natural gas with extraordinary sanitizing and bactericidal properties. Ozobox is a multifunctional ozonator that kills any pathogen present in the home air, on the surfaces of any domestic environment and even from the water, all with a single device. Its principle is as revolutionary as it is simple: ozone, being a gas, spreads everywhere, killing 99.99% of the pathogens present in a room in a single treatment, wherever they are: in the air, on the walls, on the floors, on the tapestries, on the objects. A real leap in quality in the management of household cleaning!

A huge step forward also in terms of time, money and effort to devote to home disinfection: 

● easy to use, it offers 20 programs with which to sanitize air, water and domestic environments in a completely automatic way, to save time and effort 

● 100% ecological, it does not require filters, spare parts and chemical additives, for economic savings and protection of the environment

How does it work? Once the program has started, you leave the room and Ozobox independently takes care of sanitizing everything, through its "small room sanitization" or "medium room sanitization" programs. The home ozonator starts producing ozone, UV rays and negative ions - natural elements with an incredible biocidal power - which kill every pathogenic microorganism in the room and remove any type of odor. The viruses and bacteria that are introduced by air into our environments are not simply captured - as happens in the case of traditional air purifiers air with filters - but killed and definitively eliminated In this way, the microbial load present in the room is drastically reduced.

With Ozobox, home air is disinfected, hypoallergenic, uncontaminated. After the treatment, the air you breathe is free of bacteria, viruses, molds, pollens. Smell and smoke free, fresh and healthy.

For an even deeper cleaning, it is possible to sanitize normal tap water to turn it into ozonated water, a disinfected and disinfectant water to be used instead of the traditional solution of water and detergent that naturally sanitizes floors, surfaces and glass, carrying out a antibacterial and deodorant action at the same time very effective.

With Ozobox you can sanitize and deodorize the fridge, the shoe rack, bottles and pacifiers, children's games and your pet's objects: there is a dedicated function for each of them.

Having your home completely sanitized every day, from the air to the surfaces, up to the objects, is now possible thanks to Ozobox: you can say goodbye to detergents and disinfectants, filters and refills. The innovative Ozobox makes it possible to sanitize the home and indoor air with the natural action of ozone in a safe and effective, ecological and simple way.