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Creative recycling: how to transform tin cans into pincushions and candle holders

November 14, 2019
Category: Ecology

Even those looking for a hobby to relax their mind and surround themselves with cute things created with do-it-yourself today can & ograve focus on recycling. Creative recycling & egrave useful and above all sustainable! But how can you approach this new world? Here are some ideas to find your best ecological pastime and do good for the environment!


The importance of creative recycling

Today more than ever the awareness that the world is not in perfect health moves all our daily actions towards the perspective of recycling. In this way, we try to clean up our beloved Earth a little. We try not to waste, neither food nor objects, and to make a proper separate collection, in short, we do our best not to create further waste. Just from the use of ingenuity comes another possibility to help the planet effectively: we are talking about creative recycling. This was born as a pastime capable of perfectly combining a hobby, that is, a moment of relaxation for our often stressed mind, to reduce waste, useful to help our run-down world. The idea intrigues you, but you don't know where to start? Approaching creative recycling is not at all difficult, and allows you to obtain excellent results with little effort, but above all also a lot of satisfaction and fun. What to create? Here really opens up a world, the world of your fantasy. In fact, you can create and above all recreate many different things: small gifts, decorations, favors, but not only. Creative recycling is in fact an excellent way to be able to recover materials that would otherwise have been thrown away, giving them a new life and a different intended use: therefore, thanks to the imagination, you can also create new design elements or pieces of unique furnishings. But not only that, in fact it will be easy to design many types of decorations and toys for the little ones. In reality, the beauty of creative recycling is precisely its lack of limits. No limit to creativity, no limit to imagination, plus an additional and very important advantage: you won't have to spend practically anything, or almost nothing. Now will you be curious to have some ideas to start knowing what you could produce with creative recycling? Meanwhile, let's start by discovering which materials you can use. Materials for creative recycling Here are some of the materials, very easy to find, to keep, because they can certainly serve you:

cloth - old shirts to cover, unused shirts from which to obtain ribbons, in short, everything that happens to you and can be used to tie and create cardboard - with the classic packaging cartons, you can for example create games, but also furniture, both to be placed in a bedroom but also in the place you prefer plastic bottles - excellent starting point for creating new furnishing elements, thanks to their versatility and malleability tin cans - there are any size, they are very easy to find and are in themselves suitable to contain, just remove the label, wash them thoroughly, and they are ready to be transformed!

What to create with tin cans

Now that we have discovered and analyzed the materials together, the time has come to get to the point! So here are some excellent ideas, not too common but also very easy to make, especially using the various tin cans as bases that are always used in every home.

⇒ Candle holder

With wooden clothespins (even broken ones) and tuna cans of various sizes you can very easily create useful candle holders. Another type of candle holder can be made by lining the walls of the boxes with scraps of fabric or even colored paper, perhaps always recycled. You can use them as they are and place them on any surface, or join them together in small groups of various sizes and hang them on the walls thanks to some nice cord, inserting the tea candles

⇒ Outdoor lanterns

Always with small boxes you can also create an outdoor lantern, to be placed on the balcony or in the garden. With a small tin create the base in which to insert a candle, then add a glass container and a stick to complete the creation of the lantern

⇒ Molds for use in the kitchen

With tuna cans or similarly shaped containers you can create excellent molds, useful for both pudding and biscuits, and you can decorate them externally to give them along with some of your delicacies

⇒ Wall clock

If you add colored ribbons and a hands mechanism to the boxes you can get a beautiful wall clock, fully functional, to decorate and repaint at will, based on its location

⇒ Pincushion

Create a useful pincushion with a simple can of tuna, which otherwise would have ended up in the trash. But how do you do it? The tin can be used as a base to be coated with fabric remnants of your choice. For the internal padding, on the other hand, polystyrene can be used, but also leftover foam, or even coffee grounds, after being carefully dried.

⇒ Organizer

With larger boxes, glue and brushes, but also advanced paper or what your imagination suggests, you can create an excellent organizer to be used, for example, in the drawers. This will finally give you the opportunity to place those small objects without more mess

⇒ Plant pots

Always with the large boxes it will be very simple to make beautiful decorative pots for your plants, also excellent for small cacti. Here too you can take advantage of the clothes pegs, or anything that your imagination suggests. An old rope, of any type, and some glue, will allow you to create a unique cover of its kind

⇒ The character games

With elongated jars, screws, rings, bolts, keys, and washers, all recycled materials, you can create beautiful characters to use in many different ways. Hot glue will also be needed to assemble them. Nice pen holders, fake dogs for the garden, scarecrows to hang directly from the trees, or the classic tin robots, excellent for decorating the bedroom.

⇒ the sound-jar

Similar to the Cimbalon, used in Romania and Hungary, it can be recreated with broom handles, broom holders and varattoli, joined together to create a beaten string musical instrument. In short, the ideas are very many and give the opportunity to have something new with a minimum expense, but not only: every idea created with the use of materials for creative recycling is also very useful to help our poor Earth, beautiful but a little run down, and thus also support the next generations.