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Sanitizing with home air ozone: goodbye to mold and bacteria!

February 14, 2020
Category: Home care

The home is the place par excellence where we should feel comfortable, safe and protected. Therefore, it is good to take care of your home and make sure that there are no microorganisms and molds present in it that in the long run could harm your health. In this article, we tell why sanitizing your home with ozone is the best way to do it.


What it is and why mold is formed in the home

Domestic molds belong to the family of fungi and are microscopic organisms that during growth produce small spherical shaped particles (spores) that disperse in the air and can be accidentally inhaled by the inhabitants of the house. They can affect both the exterior and the interior of homes and find the optimal development conditions when the domestic environment simultaneously has an excessive humidity rate, a temperature above 20 ° and poor ventilation. They therefore tend to grow faster in hot and humid conditions, an ideal situation not only for molds but also for the growth of bacteria.p>

Mold can develop in various parts of the house, such as rooms with less ventilation or facing north, the cellar, the garage and the basement. It will tend to occur wherever there are high humidity levels and generally appears on walls, ceilings, shower walls, window sills and inside humidifiers and air conditioners if not subjected to regular cleaning and maintenance. All of these are areas where mold lives and thrives willingly.p>

The health consequences of domestic mold

The sameMinistry of Health confirmed that "exposure to mold and / or household humidity is associated with the greater prevalence of respiratory symptoms, asthma and functional respiratory damage. In particular, as regards the health of children, the overall results of cross-sectional studies on children of 6-12 years confirmed the positive relationship between visible mold (reported by cohabitants) and the night and day cough of children and, in families more crowded, the relationship with asthma and sensitization to inhalant allergens. " In other words, the Ministry confirms that there is a direct relationship between prolonged exposure to mold and the onset of respiratory disorders. When contaminated by these microorganisms, the body can react in a slightly less serious way: it ranges from actual intoxication, which normally affects the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, to the most common and less serious allergic reaction. Eye and throat irritation, breathing difficulties, watery eyes, swelling, coughing, asthma, headache and fatigue are just some of the problems you face when staying long and repeatedly in environments contaminated with mold.
If left to proliferate, mold can become a real health problem, in particular for that of young children, the elderly, all those with a lower immune response and those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Sanitize your home with ozone from mold

In the presence of mold in the house, it is good to take measures and not to continue living as if nothing had happened. The mold problem is a serious phenomenon and should not be underestimated. In fact, to avoid running into unpleasant situations, it is advisable to get rid of mold as soon as possible. To protect your health and that of our family members, it is important to live in a healthy and purified environment. Sanitizing one's home with ozone is the most effective method of eliminating the root problem and making one's home a safer and healthier place.
Sanitizing environments with ozone is also an ecological alternative to get rid of mold permanently. This treatment, in fact, exploits the oxidizing potential of ozone to simultaneously eliminate mold and bacteria present inside the room. Ozone is a natural gas which, thanks to its powerful disinfectant and antibacterial properties, has been used for some time in the fields of hygiene and health.

Sanitizing with ozone at home is the ideal solution for living in a healthier and safer home. When you notice the presence of mold in the house, it is important to know that what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. This is because mold does not only develop on the outside of the walls, but also inside them. In fact, phenomena such as high humidity, condensation or water leaks can often occur inside the walls, situations that provide the perfect soil for the development of mold. By using the Ozobox sanitiser, the surface mold is eliminated already at the first treatment and it is completely eradicated with multiple sanitization cycles. It is sufficient to repeat the treatment periodically to have the guarantee of having eliminated the mold and therefore live in a healthier and safer home.

Find out how to purify your home air from mold and bacteria with Ozobox